Wednesday 7 May 2014

Day 1: Quadriphase-coded experiments

It's the first day of the quadriphase-code experiments at EISCAT Tromsø! This is a joint Finnish-Norwegian campaign, with a little help from Millstone Hill. We have three basic code cycles:

ac32bin    is the 32-bit binary alternating code from EISCAT UHF beata (64 codes)
cg32bin    is an optimised cycle of 32-bit binary codes (16 codes)
cg32quad is an optimised cycle of 64-bit quadriphase codes (16 codes)

In addition we have an "extra" codeset, a normal beata modulation (ac32bin), but implemented using the 4-phase shifter HW which otherwise is used in the 4-phase code set.

So let us hope that everything goes smoothly!

Panorama of the EISCAT transmitter site: Left-hand side is the VHF radar and right-hand side is the UHF radar! We will use the UHF for this experiment!

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