Monday 5 May 2014

KAIRA visual site inspection 5 May 2014

Today I drove up to Tromsø for the quadriphase-coded incoherent scatter radar experiments. As usual, I took the chance to make a visual inspection of the KAIRA site and see how the storm fixes are holding up. In general the site is in a good condition, and, in particular the fixes still look to be well-made! The only thing to be done soon is to collect the styrofoam pieces!

The KAIRA site is inaccessible (without a key), as it is fenced. However, this year in Kilpisjärvi, we have so much snow that one can simply walk to the site (see the first photo)... The snow is really packed, i.e. you do not need even skis!

The reindeer fence next to the main gate is buried by snow!

The site seems to be in a good condition!

One of the snow corridors.

Here is the storm damaged part of the HBA. Fixes are still looking good!

And yep, otherwise the HBA field is in a good condition!

Bits and pieces of the destroyed HBA tile lie around the site.

Emergency fixed LBA antenna! Seems to be a working solution!

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