Friday 30 May 2014

Finnish EISCAT campaign, June 2014

A Finnish EISCAT campaign has been scheduled for June 4-10. The campaign objectives are:
  1. Heatncool - D-region ionospheric heating studies by Antti K
  2. Quadriphase-coded experiments - a continuation of the May 2014 campaign! Joint study by Lassi, Björn, Ilkka & Jussi. We also continue the USRP and EISCAT sampling studies, carried out also in May.
  3. TomoScand verification - Ionospheric tomography reconstructions with e-POP satellite mission, joint work with Lassi (SGO) and Johannes Norberg from Finnish Meteorological Institute and a number of collaborating partners from US and Canada, who are involved in the e-POP mission.
  4. EISCAT_3D receiver testing - the objective is to record EISCAT VHF long-pulse-coded experiments in Kilpisjärvi with KAIRA and new receiver technology developed by Siru, Codelma and RF-shamaanit.
Hence a multiobjective EISCAT campaign. I will travel up to Tromsø with Antti on Tuesday June 3 and head back to home around one week later. But in any case, we will try to arrive to Sodankylä prior the Midnight Sun Film Festival. A number of people will be at KAIRA site for all the campaign.

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