Tuesday 6 May 2014

Route EISCAT Sodankylä - EISCAT Tromsø

The journey from Sodankylä Observatory to the EISCAT transmitter site in Norway is around 510 kilometres. The journey typically takes around 7 hours, but during bad winter storms, it can be around 10-11 hours. Yesterday, during the travel from Sodankylä up to Tromsø, the weather was excellent. Below is a set of photos taken in various places along this scenic route!

Starting point: Sodankylä 32-metre EISCAT receiver dish

Levi mountain in Kittilä

View to Pallas

Arriving to Kaaresuvanto

Mountain Lammastunturi and the Passat "SLZ"

View to south around 35 km south of Kilpisjärvi

Panorama of Lake Kilpisjärvi

Saana mountain and local store

Between Kilpisjärvi and Skibotn, there is major road construction! Maximum waiting time around 30 minutes!

Fjord-view in Skibotn

Driving on the seaside

Finally arrived, this is the EISCAT UHF transmitter site!

... and here is the VHF radar!

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