Tuesday 9 August 2011

Cable testing

Although we've already tested the cables before installation, now that they are in place, we've done an additional check.

This new check is our 'loop back' test. In each antenna tile, the two cables (X- and Y-polarisation) are connected together with a barrel connector. This means that a signal can be sent out one cable, all the way out to the antenna, and then come back through the other cable to the RF-container.

This means that from the patch panel in the RF-container, we can efficiently test all the cables to make sure that none were damaged or incorrectly connected during the installation process.

In the photograph Juha Vierinen does the checks; everything was okay. The reason why it looks a bit gloomy in the container is that we do not have electricity there yet for lights and the back of the patch panel is in quite a shaded place.

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