Monday 1 August 2011

From trays to tunnels

One of the challenges that we have found is the accumulate friction of the cable length. For every bend, there is the additional load on the cables. We have found that the original idea of feeding the cables at every point is still insufficient to get the hundred-plus metres through the ducts.

As a result, we have done some rework on the tunnel ducts. The original flex-ducts have been replaced with extended ducts that gently descend to the tunnels. The new pipes installed are extra large, to ensure that they have sufficient strength to withstand any snow loading.

Rauno Oikarainen and Pertti Nissinen measure where
a cut will need to be made in the original cable tray.

Pertti Nissinen removes the surplus section.

Stuart Keenan ties in the new ducting pipe.

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