Tuesday 2 August 2011

Cable ends

This is what the end of the cables look like. There are two cables for each antenna. These are for the two polarisations. However, one cable also carries DC-power and the other carries a low-baudrate control signal for controlling the analogue beamformers.

Starting at the lower left, where the end of the cables are, there is a black plastic cap. This is to protect the cables while in storage and also as they are being drawn through the ducts.

Then there is some metal armour. This normally protects the cables at the point where they enter the ground (on a regular LOFAR station). However in the case of KAIRA, our tiles are not directly on the ground, so that doesn't apply. Instead, the armour spans the short gap between the base of the tile and the raised cable duct on the frame. The armour actually slides further down the cable when it is installed. However, during the drawing process it is kept as close to the cable end as possible. Around the armour, there is a black velcro strap. This holds the two cables together while they are being drawn through the ducts and trays. At the end of the armour, there are some black collars, which connect the cable to the tile itself.

The cable itself is black and the first exposed section of it can be seen at the top right

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