Monday 19 August 2013

100000 pageviews for the blog!

Blogger statistics look like this when we cross the 100k boundary. 
We just crossed a significant milestone for the blog when we reached 100000 pageviews. Thank you for everyone who has made this possible.

If you are wondering what the spike in February is, it corresponds to the flyby of the asteroid 2012 DA14 and the Chelyabinsk meteor. We were measuring the asteroid, and by coincidence there was the Chelyabinsk meteor event. Naturally, the media started asking us if these two are related, and therefore Derek McKay-Bukowski looked at the dash cam footage and determined an approximate radiant of the Chelyabinsk meteor. He quickly concluded that they weren't related. This was linked to many places and all of the sudden, our traffic exploded.

Next up, 1 million pageviews. 

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