Friday 30 August 2013

Reindeer at Siilasjärvi

Time for a Friday photograph. This week we have found a rather interesting photo taken by someone other than our own SGO staff. This is wikipedia-user Antti Leppänen, who has taken some excellent photographs of KAIRA and surrounding landscape. There was one in particular that caught our attention. A shot of the KAIRA site from the classic vantage point of nearby Pikku-Malla.

English: KAIRA observatory in Kilpisjärvi, Enontekiö, Finland seen from Pikku-Malla
Suomi: KAIRA-observatorio Enontekiön Kilpisjärvellä nähtynä Pikku-Mallalta
Photograph: Antti Leppänen, 25-Jul-2013. Source: LINK
 Although an excellent photograph, the interesting part is when you zoom in along the shoreline of Siilasjärvi (the lake in the foreground of the image). Look what can be seen there...

Detail from photograph by Antti Leppänen, 25-Jul-2013.
Click on the photo for an enlargement. Source: LINK

If you look carefully, you can see reindeer wandering around on the beach! What an idyllic spot...

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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