Tuesday 27 August 2013

The Rawlings Array

As reported on the LOFAR-UK web log today, on Tuesday 27th August, the LOFAR station UK608 at Chilbolton in the United Kingdom was renamed as "The Rawlings Array", in honour of Professor Steven Rawlings.

The plaque unveiled in honour of Professor Steve Rawlings. Reflected
off the surface of the plaque is the 25m Chilbolton dish. (Photo: A. Mallet)

Professor Rawlings passed away in January 2012. Before his untimely death he was the Head of Astrophysics at Oxford University. He was a leading member of the LOFAR-UK community and played a major role in the construction of the UK LOFAR station during the critical build phase. He was a driving force of many other international projects, not just those in Great Britain, and was an outstanding leader and mentor to his staff and students.

The RF-container at the Rawlings Array. The new plaque is in the centre
of the container side. In the background is the LBA array (Photo: A.Mallet)

The dedication ceremony at Chilbolton Observatory was attended by members of his family and members of the LOFAR-UK and international scientific communities.

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