Tuesday 13 August 2013

EISCAT 2013 underway

This week we are having the EISCAT International Symposium at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. Today's photograph was taken by Thomas Ulich, who made this panorama of the participants just as the conference was getting started. Although it has been posted already on the E3D weblog, it is such a great shot that we asked it we could put it here too!

EISCAT 2013 International Symposium (Photo: Th. Ulich)

The speaker at that particular moment was Craig Heinselman (EISCAT Director) who was giving the introduction presentation.

You can follow the progress here on the EISCAT_3D web log, on the EISCAT_3D Facebook page, as well as on three different Twitter feeds: @EISCAT_3D, @EISCATUK and our own @KairaProject.

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