Monday 12 August 2013

Answer to the strange RFI

Data Monday again... so what was the answer to the strange RFI we reported a couple of weeks ago? Well, the best suggested we've had, is that it is Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) radio from Norway. As each Each DAB multiplex has a bandwidth of about 1.536 MHz, that matches what we see in the data quite nicely. The propagation is probably via anomalous behaviour in the ionosphere (such as sporadic-E-layer).

The Tromsø transmitter is at 225.6 MHz and the Norwegian national transmitter is 229.07 MHz.
Region: Nordland og Troms, Nordland og Troms
Transmitted on: Band III - 12B - 225.648MHz - (Nordland og Troms)

Norge Riks
Transmitted on: Band III - 12D - 229.072MHz


Thanks to Juha Vierinen for finding these!

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