Saturday 24 August 2013

Ionospheric Tomography Receiver - Bits and Pieces

Today we shipped the 6th TomoScand tomography receiver to Helsinki for some more detailed testing prior to shipping to Svalbard. We started the day by dismantling the  GPS mushroom:

This small mushroom-shaped object is a GPS antenna meant for time stamping beacon receiver signals. 
Other items to be shipped are the USRP, front-end and computer...
This hassle is a test set-up of the usrp + computer and some other electronics stuff. Merely for testing at a certain point...
Ok, this looks weird... The beacon receiver helix antenna is inside the blue radome (i.e. inside the buckets). The antenna is meant for 400 and 150 MHz beacon carrier wave signals.
and from here we took only the preamplifier... . 

And thus we had all the electronics

Here we have packed nearly all the receiver item for the Svalbard tomo receiver.
Here are all the necessary items of the Svalbard tomo receiver. Thus we need to send all these items to FMI Helsinki.
Here all the items are in SGO&FMI main building Polaria. 
And here everything is nicely packed and we can post it to Helsinki.... Thus from now on our tomography main master will do all the practical details!
And here everything is packed and ready to go to FMI Helsinki for further testing!

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