Saturday 10 August 2013

Manchester Hauptbahnhof

He thought he was going to England...

Next week, there is the EISCAT 2013 International Symposium, which is being held in Lancaster, United Kingdom. Our KAIRA project will be well-represented there, with a number of talks being given... more on that later. Also, one of our regular web log contributors will be there too and, like most of us, will be travelling this weekend. However, what was somewhat perplexing was when the tickets arrived at the observatory for him they were from Deutsche Bahn and in German:

Bitte einsteigen! (Klicken Sie um das Bild zu vergrößern)
We think the destinations are correct (or is there a Manchester in Germany somewhere)? Or did they think that Sodankylä is in Lichtenstein? Or that Herr Roininen is from Austria? Has DB (Deutsche Bahn) taken over the running of the British railway network?

Hopefully it just means that the trains will run on time!

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