Monday 25 July 2011

Installing the cable trays — Part 1

The KAIRA array is a semi-sparse array with six columns and eight rows — forty-eight antennas in total. Each antenna has two signal cables, which means ninety-six cables to be taken back to the RF-container, where the bulk of the signal-processing electronics is located. As we have recently seen, this is being done using timber cable trays, mounted underneath each tile antenna. These are organised so that the cables first run along the 'V' trays that run under the six antennas in each row.

These are pre-constructed in the open and then are inserted into the framesets which support them. In the photograph at the top left, Mikko Tilja (left) and Johannes Turunen insert a 'V' tray onto the support structure.

Once in place, these trays will hold between two and twelve cables (depending on where along the row they are), and bring them to the north eastern edge of the array, where they will link with the main cable trunking. The photograph to the right is the view along the cable tray. The illuminated spot is where the tray passes under the small gap between the tile antennas.

Photos: D. McKay-Bukowski

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