Friday 20 July 2012

HBA tile commissioning

As part of the commissioning work, it is necessary to check each antenna in each tile. For the most part, this is done from the RF-container. However, in the event of problems, we often need topen the tile up and access the electronics inside.

On most stations, the HBA tiles are on the ground. This means that you can easily step into them to fix them. As a result, we've made a special platform out of an old tile lid and some planks to let us safely access the centres of the tiles.

Our tile platform. (Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski)

Fitting a new front-end card. (Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski)

A new front-end card in place. Note the little LED near the centre, indicating correct
communications with the electronics in the RF-container. (Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski)

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