Wednesday 18 July 2012

LBA installation progress — 18-Jul-2012

Today we continued work on the LBA. We started well, but thenthe draw string was starting to become twisted in the main cable ducts. a couple of antenna's worth later and it was completely jammed. As a result, we did not make as much progress as we did yesterday. Here is the progress diagram as it stood at the time we stopped for the evening meal.

Progress from today. The newly installed aerials are in a lighter shade.

Because of the blockage, we have opened up the two service pits and have cut open the ducts in those positions. We have drawn new lines for each one (and these are continuous, mono-directional loops). Markus has spliced some very smooth loops into them to allow us to hook on the cable draw-clips. Hopefully we'll be able to make some more progress tomorrow.

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