Thursday 12 July 2012

LBA cabling

Cabling works had already started for the LBA some time ago, but it is now time to update our readers with the latest situation and photographs.The direction of the cables is from the antennas (yet to be erected) and the RF-container (which is where the signal processing electronics is located). There is a complex tree-pattern of trenching that goes from the antenna field to a common point, where it enters ducts to take the cable underground to the RF-container.

The LBA field during the surveying work. Note the entrance of the cable ducts in the foreground. Photograph by Arttu Jutila.

At this common point, there are various draw lines and a pit where the installation first occurred.

Protective duct at the cable entrance. Photograph by Joona Keskitalo.

This is then back filled to secure this location.

Packing in the soil around the cable entrance. Photograph by Joona Keskitalo.

Finally, there will be another mausoleum placed at this location. The mausoleums are used to take up excess cable length.

Construction starts on the "Markku Postila" cable mausoleum. Photograph by Joona Keskitalo.
This second mausoleum is specifically for the low-band antenna (LBA) array. We have decided to name it after Markku Postila. Markku was the site engineer during the construction of the HBA in 2011. He is also involved in the project again this year, although is spending less time on the site itself.

There will be more photographs as the construction and cabling work progresses.

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