Monday 9 July 2012

Snow barriers

Around the sides of the High-Band Antenna array, there are a mix of different snow barrier types. The leading edge of the array was fitted with timber barriers immediately, but did not have time last year to complete the side panels. As a result, a temporary plastic mesh was put in place. During this build season we are replacing the original meshes with the proper timber panelling.

Building snow barriers to fit to the side of the HBA. Photograph by Arttu Jutila.

The planks used for this are actually the pallets on which the HBA tiles were originally delivered. By re-using the packing and transport materials we can reduce build waste to nearly zero. We feel that this is an important lesson for other large scale projects like the Square Kilometer Array and EISCAT_3D.

The temporary plastic mesh barriers are slowing being replaced by timber ones. Photograph by Arttu Jutila.

We hope to have all the snow barriers completed soon.

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