Wednesday 25 July 2012

LBA installation progress — 25-Jul-2012

Today we only completed a single LBA aerial. However, we started a lot! Given the current conditions, the requirement to make more 40-metre cables and the added complication of having to scan the new half-lengths, the crew decided to try to get as much 80-metre cable work done as possible, giving the others a chance to make some headway on cable production. So, in total we installed 13 pairs of 80-metre cables, and quite a few pairs of 40-metre cables, but the aerials themselves have not been installed... except just the one!

Obviously we shall resume work tomorrow and, hopefully, have a more impressive progress map to show at the end of the day. But, for now, the good news is that we are now past the half-way mark.

Overnight, the observing team will continue to work on calibration and collecting test data.

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