Wednesday 22 June 2011

Concrete block

The RF-container needs a secure and stable location. This means that it has to be level, not subject to excessive snow drifts and allowing easy transfer of the signal cables from the array and into the input section of the 'container foyer'.

As it turns out, on the corners of the contain should be in contact with the ground — not the base as a whole. In fact, the corners themselves are not in direct contact, but are on raised rubber blocks.

These in turn can't be on the ground either, as they would sink into the soil.

So, at each end of the container, there will be a large concrete block. The first of these has now arrived on the site and will await the other block and then the RF-container itself before being put in place.

The photograph shows the trailer with the block, which is 3 metres long. Shortly after, we used the 18-tonne digger to lift it out and put it to one side.

Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski

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