Thursday 9 June 2011


As mentioned in the earlier post, a total of 350 frames have been delivered to the KAIRA site. Every HBA tile will be mounted on a total of 7 frames. There are 5 that go across the tile, supporting the inner cell walls. Then there are 2 at the end. The end-frames (Type-R1) are slightly different to the cross-frames (Type-R2), but only in length (5000mm and 4920mm respectively). The basic shape is the same, as is the thickness and height.
The quality of the workmanship is stunning. All the timber is fully dressed and the accuracy of the dimensions is exceptional. This first image, shows the mark-up on one of the stacks... isn't the grain of the timber lovely!

Here's a picture of the author (thanks to Markku Postila for taking the photograph!). This photograph should give a reasonable idea of how big these frames are, and how high the antenna tiles will be when they are finally placed on top.
All the beams are dressed pine. The lowest beam, however, has also been pressure treated (no, not by me sitting on it!), as it needs to be in direct contact with the ground. There are no nails or screws per se, but the joins are held together with spiked plates that hold the timber in position.

When stacked together (in bundles of 30 frames), they form these tunnels, which have that amazing smell of freshly worked timber.

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