Monday 27 June 2011

Power pole route

While all the levelling work and surveying and all the other things have been going on at the main mound, from further south, there has been another KAIRA-related operation under way.

Electrical power to the site needs to come in from somewhere, and that place happens to be a power termination point about a quarter of a mile or so to the south of the HBA field.

During the week, the electrical contractors have been moving through the dense Arctic undergrowth, which at this time of the year is very thick, due to the vigorous summer vegetation growth. (How the team put up with the mosquitoes down there, I have no idea!)

To do this, they have used a combination of machinery, ranging from winches to drilles to tractors to off-road 'quad-bikes'.

The first step has been to mark out the route and deliver the poles to the area. Then each one is dug into the ground. Additional stabilisers are also provided to ensure that they do not fall (especially as Arctic ground is prone to huge shifts due to the freezing/thawing cycles).

Hopefully we will power to the site very soon!

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