Thursday 23 June 2011

Lorry loads

How many times has the gravel lorry visited the site?

I, for one, have certainly lost count.

Not far from the KAIRA site, there is a gravel pit, which we have been using to supply the HBA field with graded gravels, to provide a drainage layer and then a raised platform on which we can build.

Our original estimate was 912 cubic metres of gravel, but I've been informed that we've exceeded that now... not for the array alone, but for the surrounding works that have required attention due to unsuitable terrain or geo-conditions.

Of course, the main array itself is now complete, so these new loads that are coming in are for the storage, loading and turning areas at the southeast end of the array. These are essential for the building of the system and will also be used as a general staging area for the servicing of the antennas during the longer term operations phase.

After each load comes in, the lorry will dump it out on to the field, from where it can be scraped about by the 18-tonne digger. Although the laser level was used for the HBA itself, the access area can be done according to the local terrain. It still looks pretty flat though.

This is shaping up really well. One of the issues encountered at other site is one of access and delivery. This not going to be a problem at KAIRA!

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