Saturday 11 June 2011

Lids from the spare tile

As we needed to move the spare tile out of the way for the ground works, this also meant shifting the stack of polystyrene lids that were being stored alongside it.

Here they are being shifted beyond the edge of the ground works site. It was one of the easier moves, with the pallet being so light that a few of the team could easily slide it onto the forks attached to the front of the 15-tonne wheeled digger.

Although it hasn't been that long since the dismantling of that test tile and the destructive tests on the raised tile, it now seems so long ago. No doubt all today's hard work will seem like a blink of an eye when all this is done.

Another thing to note in the photograph is the rapidly vanishing snow on Saana. I wonder if there will be any left by the time we get to mid-summer.

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