Wednesday 15 June 2011

Power kit

On Tuesday the first delivery for the installation of electrical power arrived at the site. Unlike other LOFAR sites, we do not have electrical power readily to hand, and we will need to deploy power poles to get the cable from the nearest transformer all the way up to the site. In the first photo, the cradle is being unloaded from the transporter. The reel (already on the ground) will sit on this and the cable can then be spooled out over the difficult terrain.

The cable is not copper, but is actually aluminium. This has the advantage of being very light.

Because of the permafrost, burying cable is not an option. Thus, for the parts where it is not directly on site, the power will be suspended from timber poles.

In the above photograph some of the poles are being unloaded at the site. More will be posted on the power once the deployment work gets under way.

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