Tuesday 19 July 2011

Final frameset

Well, the final frameset has been assembled and moved onto the HBA field. That's 48 framesets, or 336 individual frames. It is also 192 batons and 192 diagonal braces too. And so very many nails.

A lot of people have been involved in the work on the framesets, from the original design and prototyping through to the bulk assembly and setting them out on the field. We are grateful to all of them, as the project relies so much on getting this part of the system correct.

However there are two who need a special mention. They are:

Rauno Oikarainen

Pertti Nissinen

These two have done the bulk of the frame assembly work and have kept just ahead of the tile deployment, meaning that we've never had a hold up on deploying tiles.

On Monday 18th July 2011, the final frameset was assembled and put onto the field (although we still had a couple left in storage... these would go on later). Fittingly, they both signed it with their names and the date.

With that done, the construction template could be dismantled and the area cleared away for the next major KAIRA timber project... which will start very soon!

The last frameset to be put onto the field went to location H31 on Tuesday 19th July 2011. It was one that we had built earlier, but this was the last one to actually go in.

So, to Rauno and Pertti, and everyone else who helped with the work on the framesets...

Thank you! / Kiitos!

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