Friday 29 July 2011

Some views from Pikku Malla

We have some great photographs from some of our trainees to end the week this week. The first was taken on 23rd July 2011 by Marko Kauranen. It was taken on 23rd July 2011, the day after the last tile was installed on the HBA.

The second photograph was taken on the evening of 24th July 2011. It was taken by Arttu Jutila, who has contributed some great photographs from this viewpoint before.

Between the times of the two photographs, the RF-container has been installed, and it can clearly be seen in the second image, to the left-hand side of the array.

Both photographs were taken from the nature reserve trail that leads from the shore of Kilpisjärvi, over the bridge at the south-end of Siilasjärvi and then up to Pikku Malla. Thanks go to Marko and Arttu for contributing them to this web log.

Have a great weekend!

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