Monday 25 July 2011

Installing the cable trays — Part 2

At the end of each row, bundles of 12 signal cables (2 polarisations, for each of 6 antennas) will emerge and enter the main trunking route that runs along the north-eastern edge of the array.

Along here we have a larger type of cable tray, comprising three planks of timber. These so-called 'U' trays hold twice the number of cables as the 'V' trays already discussed.

Pertti Nissinen (left) and Rauno Oikarainen assemble a 'U'-tray.

Sets of 'U'-trays near the start of the underground
ducting. There is a gradual drop along the entire
length of these main cable trays for water drainage.

The cables from each row's 'V' tray feed into these 'U' trays and continue up the north corner of the array where they enter underground ducts to go the cable mausoleum and RF-container. The installation of all cable trays has now been completed. This week, we're putting in the container and mausoleum, prior to commencing the actual cable work. It is going to be a busy week!

Photos: D. McKay-Bukowksi

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