Saturday 9 July 2011


The other day it was time for lunch. I'd been in my room so needed to walk down to the canteen — including going past the back door. As I did so I glanced our and saw a face staring back in.

As it turned out, reindeer was on the menu that day.

While I ate, I couldn't help thinking about the doleful eyes staring inside, that I had seen moments before.

I hope I wasn't eating anyone the reindeer knew.

Actually, we have reindeer here quite often and it is a common meat in the shop. Reindeer play a very important part in the life, culture and habitat of Lapland. In some ways the relationship with humans is symbiotic. And it is certainly nice that the animals can walk anywhere they want and are not confined to particular paddocks.

PS: Actually, what I really want to know is what that reindeer was doing with the cable reel?

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