Friday 8 July 2011

Side view of the installation

It is Friday afternoon and time for a nice end-of-week photograph. Mind you, this is not the end of the week for us and work continues. We hope to have another status update this evening, with details of the days events. However, for now, there is a panorama photograph, which shows the site as seen from the south west. The photograph nearly spans the entire mound and was taken on the afternoon of 6th July 2011. You can click on it for an enlargement.

From left to right, there are the four installed tiles, a gap for the snow plough, a single installed frameset and a bit of space. Then, there is the lorry, with its HIAB lifting crane, and another HBA tile which is being fitted out on the ground. Then, there are the timber stores (frames and fence posts). The final structure to the far right is the waste collection point — itself, made from waste timber and plastic. Tiles and frames are taken on to the array from right to left.

Have a nice weekend!

Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski

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