Monday 18 July 2011

RF-container foundations

The RF-container is a shipping container, where all the digital signal processing electronics will be housed. As we mentioned a while back, it will be located at the north of the site and the area for it has already been levelled.

Now it is time to put down the foundation blocks. These are 3m × 30cm × 30cm reinforced concrete beams which are located at either end of the container. The RF-container itself then sits on rubber blocks which are placed on top of these beams.

The small area where the block will actually be placed is levelled with shovelfuls of sand smoothed out with a block of timber. We use the laser-level to get it at the correct height at both ends.

The beams are lifted into position using the HIAB. We then get half-a-dozen chaps to push it into the final position.

We expect the RF-container to be delivered on 25th July, along with all the signal cables.

Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski

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