Sunday 3 July 2011

Lehtinen Barracks on the move

Because the site is remote from SGO, it is important to have sufficient facilities to run experiments. There will actually be several units on the site. Apart from the RF-container which will house the KAIRA signal processing, there will be a storage container for spare parts and surplus materiel and a mobile cabin... which has been affectionately dubbed the "Lehtinen Barracks".

The "Lehtinen Barracks" is built from an old Finnish railway (VR Suomi) carriage. It has now been refurbished and is on its way to Kilpisjärvi to serve as office quarters at the KAIRA site.

The video shows the old VR Suomi marking, the refurbished cabin leaving the institute and a final shot of it having arrived on site. No doubt, there'll be some more photographs over the next few weeks as the final fitting out has been done and the final placement made.

PS: I wonder if this is the furthest north Finnish railway stock has ever travelled?

Video: Juha Vierinen

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