Sunday 31 July 2011

The quiet moments

For the most part, the KAIRA team have worked extremely hard. We have accomplished the major tasks that we set out to do and, despite some pretty serious unforeseen problems, we've managed to get through everything okay, with only minor delays to the schedule.

However, despite all the hard work, there are also a few breaks and some moments when the site planning team desperately need some space to figure out the next stage of the build. This gives everyone a few brief moments to take it easy and relax.

Although we've mentioned a few examples, such as wildlife-spotting, there are a few other light-hearted moments we managed to capture on camera.

Pertti goes fishing from the cable mausoleum with one of the draw lines...

... but the best he could manage was a coffee cup. Hey, couldn't you haul out some more rocks?

Back from cutting tundra, Mikko and Santtu demonstrate the ancient and revered Lappish
tradition of making birch whistles. (Despite first appearances, they are not eating them!)

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