Friday 15 July 2011

HBA installation progress — 15-Jul-2011

End of the second week of HBA installation work. It has been a tough week, but we've made good progress. Today, we managed to install five HBA antennas and numerous framesets. We've also started laying out timber for the cable runs that go along the framesets under the antennas. Serious work on this will begin next week, once the remaining antennas are installed.

The weather has been good. There were a few gusts this morning, and one nervous moment with one of the antennas, but we were not put off schedule by the wind. However, with that said, there has been snow on the fells just to the west of the site as a reminder that time is limited and we cannot dally. The situation is now as follows:
We are expecting two further lorries on Monday morning, which will be the last of the tile deliveries. We have been informed that the RF-container and auxiliary container have been loaded in the Netherlands today and are now on their way. They should arrive on Monday week. As the RF-container shipment has the cables, that gives us some time next week to get all the cable runs in place ready for that to commence.

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