Sunday 3 July 2011

HBA installation progress

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be installing the High-Band Array (HBA) tiles at KAIRA. Deliveries of the tiles will commence tomorrow (Monday 4th July 2011) and continue to arrive at the rate of 4-5 lorries per week. Unloaded tiles will be stored at one end of the site ready for deployment.

Because we are mounting the entire HBA 1.5 metres above ground, our installation is somewhat different to a conventional LOFAR station. Instead of the usual sequence, we need to assemble each frameset first, then transport that onto the array. While this is being done, a tile antenna can be taken from the storage area, unpacked, unfolded and fitted out. Once the frameset is in position and is secured, the tile will be transported to it and secured on top.

In order to monitor the progress of the build, we will be updating the progress map each day. We haven't commenced the installation just yet, but here's the 'blank' map to act as a starting reference.As tiles are deployed, their positions will be shaded in on the map. Antenna sites which have framesets will also be marked and the tally of how many are installed will be updated accordingly.

A new update will be posted every evening from now until the build is completed, so you can check progress at the end of each day (or when you wake the next morning).

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